Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Saudia Arabia: Women Lawyers

From the Daily Times:
Saudi Arabia could soon allow women lawyers to appear in court, though they would only be able to represent women, Saudi Justice Minister Mohammed al Issa said on Sunday.

According to a Saudi newspaper, al Issa said the ministry is drafting new rules to permit female lawyers to fight family cases, adding the new law was part of King Abdullah’s plan to develop the legal system.

The newspaper said the women would only be able to represent other women in marriage, divorce, custody and other family cases.

Female lawyers in Saudi Arabia, where strict Islamic doctrine and shariah law have enforced separation of genders, can currently work only inside the women’s sections of law and government offices, where they do not come into contact with men. All judges in the kingdom are male religious clerics. The new legislation will also allow Saudi women to complete certain procedures without the presence of a witness. agencies.

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