Saturday, February 20, 2010

JEF: Ushers a Hit

From Arab News:
The Jeddah Economic Forum (JEF) has always attracted the attention of young people who want to learn and gain new experiences. It is no surprise to see young men and women, dressed in black and white, standing in every corner with warm smiles on their faces, helping and guiding those attending the forum.

The Gulf Research Center, the organizers of the JEF, has collaborated with Spot Event Management and gave Spot the opportunity to hire the young people. The presence and quality of the ushers is one of the few things that have been well managed at this year's JEF. The young girls wear black abayas and white headscarves and are friendly and professional, giving directions, answering questions and providing headphones for translation.

The volunteers were chosen for their qualifications and experience. "I collected resumes and we chose 17 qualified girls to take part as volunteers at the JEF," she added. The age of the young women ranges from 20 to 23 and they were chosen from different universities and educational institutions in and around Jeddah. They will each receive a certificate at the end of the event.

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