Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ghana: Women & the Church

From the Ghana Newsagency:
An educationist has appealed to the leadership of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) to make conscious efforts to re-orient women in the church to believe in the church's doctrine and turn to it when in need and at all times.

Mrs Victoria Priscilla Darkwa, who made the appeal, said "this way, the exploitation of women in the church by spiritualists as a result of their vulnerability would be reduced drastically if not eliminated completely".

She made the appeal in her acceptance address when being inducted into office as National President of the Committee on Women's Ministry (CWM) of the church for the next three years at the Zimmermann congregation at Abokobi in the Greater Accra Region on Sunday.

Mrs Darkwa said addressing women issues required collective effort and mutual responsibility and more importantly the need to recognise their role and place and assert themselves as equal partners in the socio-economic and spiritual development of the church and country.

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