Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pink Taxis for Hebron

From Ynet News (Israel News):
Palestinian news agency, Maan, reported on Monday that a Palestinian company is planning to establish a taxi service in Hebron for women only.

This is a popular phenomenon in many cities in the Arab world, and apparently will soon be instated in the Palestinian Authority.

Hazem at-Takrawi, the director of Ishraqat training and development firm, said in an interview that his staff is already training women to drive the taxis, just as is done in cities like Beirut, Dubai, Cairo, and Tehran. As in Beirut, the women-only taxis will be pink.

At-Takrawi said that the company has already conducted a survey that showed that 95% of Palestinians welcome the initiative. In his eyes, he said, there is no reason residents would not agree to the idea.

At-Takrawi noted that the plan would many jobs, and said that more than 100 women, mostly university graduates, have already applied for positions.

If the model proves to be a success, it may be expanded to include other cities in the West Bank.
This has to be one of the most successful business ventures of this decade - and is taking off in quite a number of countries as we have reported here over the past couple of years.

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