Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Plus Size Models: A Huge Plus!

From WSET:
A model in Glamour Magazine has caught the public's eye. She's only in a small photo on page 194, but it's an image, that has many celebrating. The image is in an article about body consciousness.The cover of Glamour's September issue includes flat belly secrets and a gorgeous Jessica Simpson, but it’s what’s deep in the magazine that that has people talking.On page 194 there is a picture of a 20-year-old plus-sized model with a belly roll. When asked if she's beautiful, many people said yes. "I like the picture actually. It shows real world people and not just models that you don't see everyday."
Maybe they should have been Down Under for the latest fashion shoot - plus size models looking more beautiful than the scrawny ones. Its only when we women start raging against the unrealistic portrayal of women on the fashion catwalk that "real" models may get their chance.


Tamahome Jenkins said...

I agree, but there has to be a balance. The media has unrealistic portrayals of women, but that's not an excuse to be unhealthy. There are too many people that use that as an excuse to stay obese, when a little exercise never hurt anybody.

Anonymous said...

I agree that diet and exercise are of vital importance. But these aren't at issue here. Besides which, the model in question looks far from 'unhealthy'!
I'm with you, Melisande: we need more REAL, ie realistically-portrayed, women in the media. It seems the only way to counteract this absurd cult of youth-at-any-cost, and the general denigration of age and wisdom (not that I, in my 50s, am biased of course ... ;-)).

plus size clothing australia said...

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