Monday, August 31, 2009

Women of Churchill's Bunker

From AFP:
It was cramped, gloomy, the air was thick with cigar smoke and outside, bombs were raining on London. But in their underground bunker, unsung heroes were working tirelessly helping Churchill's war Cabinet.

Until the end of World War II in 1945, British prime minister Winston Churchill and his closest aides and ministers plotted the downfall of Nazi Germany in the labyrinth basement of what is now the Treasury.

And alongside them, a secret army of backroom staff -- typists, secretaries, messengers -- slept and toiled without seeing daylight in the muggy warren of brick-walled rooms, facilitating world-changing decisions that shaped the war.

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Minnie said...

Greetings to you from France, Melisende. I've been enjoying your blog, so feel it's high time I told you so! Thank you. I love the range and detail of your posts.