Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Prince & the Showgirl

No - not the movie "The Prince & the Showgirl" starring the legendary Monroe, but this could have been the stuff of movies.

From the Mail Online:
"Pat Kirkwood lived for six decades under the cloud of suspicion that she had been the mistress of Prince Philip.

The more she denied the rumour, the more it was believed. Philip himself, adhering to the Royal Family's tradition of declining to comment on matters relating to their private lives, failed to come to her defence. He said nothing, one way or the other, despite her repeatedly imploring him to set the record straight.

And when she died almost exactly a year ago, after 60 distinguished years of stardom, during which she helped to rally the nation's morale in World War II, her life ended devoid of official recognition and without so much as a humble MBE."

Continue reading the Mail Online article and then the wiki entry - and you decide.

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