Saturday, December 6, 2008

Jill Pay

Jill Pay is currently the first woman to become one of British Parliament’s “men in tights”, by taking on the 593-year-old post of Serjeant at Arms.

However, she has found herself in the unique position of being "downgraded" upon attaining her position in January of this year.

From the Times Online:
"The Serjeant’s responsibilities were downgraded by Mr Martin before she was appointed and while Mrs Pay has a grace and favour house in Parliament Street, she is believed to earn about half the £105,000 salary enjoyed by Mr Peterkin.

The post is a Crown appointment, and was agreed by the Queen in January, but there have been reports that Buckingham Palace was unhappy with the way the role has been diminished, and in an unusual act decided not to grant Mrs Pay “approbation” — an audience."

So, debates continues over whether Jill was qualified for the job. But my question is - which job? The job of her predecessor or the downgraded position?

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