Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Magna Carta of Women

From Cebu Daily News:
"The women's bill of rights, passed on third reading at the House of Representatives, will help them to take charge of many aspects of their lives, according to the bill's proponent.

The Magna Carta of Women was approved by the House on December 10.

Under the bill, women will see to it that women are treated equally under the law. They will also be given equal access to education, scholarships, and training, as well as access to information and services on women's healths.

They will also be granted equal rights on issues concerning marriage and family relations.

The Magna Carta of Women will also require government agencies and other organizations to put in place gender and development programs in order to stop discrimination based on gender.

The Commission on Human Rights will be tasked to hear complaints of discrimination against women."

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