Sunday, December 18, 2011

What Glass Ceiling?

From the Sunday Times:

Women of Power transcend these petty insecurities of gender hierarchies and the ceilings that are set through semantics and other cultural cues. Silly stuff in a scheme of things that are predestined on a grander scale. Success is after all a mind game; even in the older order where career woman straddled work life with greater balance and less sexual power play.

In "What glass ceiling?” Michelle Gunawardana deftly establishes at the outset , in a tone setting exchange, the no-nonsense, let's-get-cracking approach to life and circumstance that Rohini Nanayakkara adopted in the male bastions of power, as an equal and often path-finding player. Rather than a statement on gender discrimination, the title of the book itself is a telling reflection of her attitude to any and all obstacles in her path.

The intriguing and nonlinear biography of Rohini the corporate persona is captured through a small but immensely readable set of interviews and commentary. They trace the journey of this woman of purpose and leave in their wake a portrait of an immensely capable leader in our financial and corporate community.

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