Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nara Princess Found

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of a tomb here thought to have been the burial place of the granddaughter of Empress Saimei (594-661), the local board of education has announced.

The tomb was discovered during excavation work around the nearby Kengoshizuka tomb, which is thought to be the burial site of Saimei. According to the Asuka Village Board of Education, the newly discovered tomb was likely constructed at almost the same time as the Kengoshizuka tomb, in the latter half of the 7th century.

The newly found tomb is thought to be the resting place of Empress Saimei's granddaughter Princess Ota, which would match with the Nara-period historical document Nihon Shoki, which records Princess Ota as being buried in front of the Empress in 667.

Further news from Heritage of Japan regarding the discovery of the tomb of Empress Saimei:
An ancient tomb in Nara Prefecture has been effectively identified as that of Empress Saimei (594-661) and her daughter Princess Hashihito, based on its shape and descriptions in the Chronicles of Japan, archaeologists said Thursday.

The Kengoshizuka tomb, located in the village of Asuka, Nara, is octagon-shaped, which is peculiar to imperial tombs in the mid-seventh to early eighth centuries, the board of education of the village said.

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