Monday, July 26, 2010

Russia: Most Eligible List Angers Dads

From the Australian:

THEY are young, smart and fabulously wealthy but live largely in the shadows.
Now, to the fury of their billionaire fathers, they are exposed to scrutiny by the publication of Russia's first list of its most eligible women.

Compiled by the business magazine Finans, the list names the single daughters of Russia's richest tycoons.

The combined fortunes of the seven women identified total more than $17 billion.

The private lives of the rich and famous are generally considered taboo by the Russian press.

"Most (Russia's oligarchs) would be very unhappy to see their daughter's name on a list like this," said a businessman. "I know the fathers of two of the girls and they're very angry. The last thing they want is for their daughters to be viewed as commodities."

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