Saturday, July 24, 2010

No Veil On Bus

From the Independent:
A London transport company has launched an "urgent" investigation after two Muslim women claimed they were told to get off a bus because one of them was wearing a face veil.

The 22-year-old students said they were told by the driver of the bus – operated by Metroline – that they could not travel because they were "a threat". When the driver refused to give the women his name, they began filming him with a mobile phone. They said the driver then covered his face.

One of the un-named women told the BBC: "I said, 'It's okay for you to cover your face on my recording, but it's not okay for my friend to cover her face out of choice."

Tuesday's incident comes after Tory Phillip Hollobone caused controversy when he told The Independent he would refuse to meet Muslim constituents who covered their faces.

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