Thursday, November 19, 2009

No to Women-Only Travel Co

From News Online:
A SINGLE-sex travel company for women who want to avoid boozy, bed-hopping mixed tour groups has been grounded.

A judge ruled yesterday that former tour guide Erin Maitland cannot advertise women-only holidays because it could breach the human rights of men.

The judge said Ms Maitland believed Travel Sisters would provide security for women, re-assure male partners who could not travel and be used by women who did not want to mix with men for cultural or religious reasons or because they were victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.

Her application was opposed by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, which said it would conflict with Victoria's Charter of Human Rights.

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Anonymous said...

I'm having a lot of trouble understanding this ruling. A quick google search reveals pages of women-only travel groups all over the world. In fact I have just started a similar concept that has been met with cheers and pats on the backs by my women friends and colleagues.
I've read the newspaper reports but still struggle with the ruling - here in Australia I'm a member of a women only gym - it's wonderful! Day Spas and many hotels have women only areas, and VAustralia has a ladies only toilet - it's fabulous!
Might this be the work of a disgruntled man with a major grudge?! I guess that's discrimination too!