Monday, November 30, 2009

Gretel Bergmann

From the Telegraph:
The German track and field association has honoured Gretel Bergmann for a 5ft 3in high jump she made in Stuttgart in June, 1936 - a record that was erased from the history books by the Nazis.

It said its recognition of her achievement after her snub by the Nazis was an "act of justice and a symbolic gesture of respect".

Bergmann moved to Britain from Germany in 1933 to find better athletics training. The following year, she became the British high jump champion.

Noticing her success and possibly concerned she might compete for Britain in the Berlin Games, the Nazis demanded she return to Germany.

German athletics officials, who acknowledged that their gesture "can in no way make up" for the Nazis' actions in refusing to acknowledge her sporting prowess, have also asked for her to be included in the national sporting hall of fame.

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