Monday, November 9, 2009

Angola: Constitution Supports Women's Rights

From Angola Press:
Women rights, as the key element of family and society are stipulated in three draft laws presented last week by the Constitutional Commission countrywide, said the MP Luzia Inglês.

Speaking to Angop, the member of National Assembly (Parliament) expressed satisfaction over the fact women rights are backed in the three draft laws of the Constitution.

Luzia Inglês, also National secretary of ruling MPLA party's women wing (OMA), appealed to all women to take part in future debates, aimed at defining a constitutional "matrix" for Angola.

She also pledged to do her utmost so that women are properly informed about the rights and duties in society.

The drafts of constitution were presented in all provinces, and now are being studied so that, within 15 day-deadline, integrate the process of discussion and presentation of proposals to Constitutional Commission for the future constitution.

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