Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Independent Women

Article by Keenya Coley of the Examiner:
What is the image of an independent woman? It is one that conveys “I am self-sufficient”. But, is she is silently screaming, “Help me please”? This image is being redefined in our society. In this economy, the current state of affairs finds everyone in the position of wanting and needing help. For some independent women, it is becoming more of a struggle to assume all of the responsibilities that pertain to life. Does that mean that she is weak? Has she now become a damsel in distress? Not necessarily. It takes a great deal of courage to admit to needing help.

Needing assistance doesn’t mean loosing independence. The courage to ask for help reveals a strength that is required to be independent. For, there is strength in numbers. Ask for what you need and you will understand what being independent really is. Independence is having the liberty to make decisions that ultimately work for your good.

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