Monday, June 22, 2009

Birtukan Mideksa

Article by Mintesinot Haile in
Ethiopia's next national election is a year away, but tensions are already increasing as Birtukan Mideksa, one of the key opposition politicians has been jailed, possibly facing life in prison; and security forces have arrested several others, accusing them of plotting against the government on behalf of Geembot-7 conspiring with EPLF from Diaspora. With the recent election episodes taking place in Iran as a reminder, both the TPLF-regime and opposition leaders are seriously expressing their respective concerns about the potential for election-related violence in the 2010 election time within and outside Ethiopia.

Incidentally, in her long-standing history, Ethiopia is blessed in having women leaders coming to power from time to time. Since the time of Queen Sheba/Saba of the Old Testament few women of leadership caliber have happen to suddenly appear from no where and held power at times when Ethiopia faces critical danger and grave difficulties. Birtukan is one of those Ethiopian heroines in contemporary history without any parallel to draw in our time. I strongly inclined to have faith in that it is God's wisdom to have brought someone born in 1974 from an Oromo-Ethiopian humble household to lead this war-prickle country of ours to a peaceful transition and stability. That person is no one else but our Lady Liberty Birtukan Mideksa, who is charged not because she has done any criminal wrong but for telling nothing but the absolute truth to the whole world.


Anonymous said...

(1) Obviously, 'change' we definitively need! In Obama's foot-spore let me say: "Yes we can!" Just like the Iranian youth world wide are fighting for reform, for change and for a renewed life in Iran, we Ethiopians must also stand behind Birtukan Mideksa and her party for greater change to come.
(2) Yes, men have thus far done their share for Ethiopia. It is time to give way for a woman leadership and see what a woman like Birtukan Mideksa can do for boosting the audasity of change in Ethiopia.
(3) We must remain vigilant for unconditional release of Lady Liberty Birtukan Mideksa so that she is able to take part during the forthcoming 2010 election.

Anonymous said...

yes! I heard in history of ethiopia that there was a woman called queen taiytu,who has lead a battle field during italian invasion.
It just unbelievable to get a woman
after a century at a time of need.
may GOD protect her from the devils eye.
GOD bless you Birukan Mideksa.