Friday, April 3, 2009

Wives of The Prophet

Following on from The Story of Hafsah, comes more stories on the wives of The Prophet.

From Adil Salahi, writing for the Arab News:

Zaynab: The Poor's Mother
"One of them, however, has an additional title of motherhood. She is Zaynab bint Khuzaymah, known as the mother of the poor. She earned this title because of her compassionate heart and her ready generosity. She was apparently always kind to the poor, and her kindness became greater when she married the Prophet."

A Woman of Character: Umm Salamah
"Umm Salamah, a widow, was a woman who combined beauty with character, noble birth and a wealth of experience. Her deceased husband was one of the early converts to the new faith when Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) began preaching his message in secret. Being a woman of sagacious mind, she joined him in declaring her belief in Islam, realizing that idolatry is an absurdity, which defies human logic."

Another story of Umm Salamah and the Wives of the Prophet

"Aishah was the first he married in Madinah, but others followed her into his home as and when the need arose. As she watched these developments, she wanted to keep her position. She realized that she could not do anything to stop these marriages, which were often dictated by circumstances. Hence, she worked to achieve her goal through clever manipulation. Soon there were two camps, one headed by Aishah and the other by Umm Salamah, who combined maturity with beauty and strong character."

"Happiness is the word that sums up the first marriage of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Khadijah gave him all that a man needs from a loving, caring and thoughtful wife. When we remember that Khadijah was a woman of sound mind and willing to place duty above comfort, we realize that the Prophet had nothing to worry about at home as he went about delivering his message and discharging the task assigned to him by God. He appreciated all that she gave him and her memory remained alive with him to his last day. As it is well known, the Prophet lived with Khadijah for 25 years without ever entertaining a thought of marrying another woman, although polygamy was accepted as perfectly normal in his community, if not throughout the world. After she passed away, he married several wives but she retained her supreme position in his heart."

Please read the stories of these amazing women who were so prominent at the beginning of The Prophet's ministry.

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