Friday, April 17, 2009

Women in Bolivia

From RHReality Check Org - excerpt from the Blog of Teresa Lanza:
Early this year, the new Bolivian Constitution entered into force, after a process that lasted more than two years. At a referendum held on January 25th, 61% of Bolivans approved the new Constitution, which for the first time dedicates a chapter to women's rights. The new Constitution contains several clauses that upTold the health and rights of women including:
  • a clear separation between State and Church

  • the entitlement to sexual and reproductive rights for men and women

  • the right to life not limited by the expression "starting at conception," which was proposed by conservative groups and would outlaw abortion in the country

  • the right to physical, psychological and sexual integrity

  • the right of women to live free from discrimination, violence, sexual coercion and emotional abuse

  • a provision that guarantees pay equality for women and women

  • the economic value of women's work in the home as a source of wealth

  • the right of women, married or unmarried, to land ownership.

Government and Congress will now start issuing norms regulating the implementation of the Constitution. Catholics for the Right to Decide Bolivia will continue working in collaboration with other women's organizations to ensure that these norms respond to the interests of women and girls.

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