Monday, February 23, 2009

Kate Baillieu

From the Australian:
"Thirty years after the launch of 60 Minutes it's now emerged the original team of three reporters was actually a team of four.

Kate Baillieu, 63, was a Melbourne reporter for A Current Affair in the mid-1970s when she was offered an on-air role on what has become Australia's longest-running public affairs program.

Four years before Jana Wendt became 60 Minutes' first female reporter, Baillieu was filming stories for the program. But they never went to air.

"Kate was there because she was a good reporter -- she wasn't there as a sort of token female, and when she left, the feeling was 'let's just go with the three'."

Baillieu is now a member of the Victorian Government's Pt Nepean advisory committee and hopes the final piece of former Defence Department land will soon be included in the park."

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