Sunday, February 1, 2009

India: attacks on women increase

In modern-day India, a new social element has emerged. A group of men have taken to the streets in some areas in their quest to reverse the "moral decline". And just how are they going about this ..... by attacking women.

Read this Guardian article by Anindita Sengupta: "India's backlash against women"
"Earlier this week, a horde of 40 men charged into a popular pub in Mangalore, a growing town in south India, and assaulted and molested the women there for indulging in "obscene" behaviour. These self-styled activists, who belong to a Hindu fundamentalist group called Sri Ram Sena (army of Lord Ram), claim they were trying to uphold the moral culture of our society. It is a tattered moral fabric, indeed, that needs such means of defence.

A victim's description of the event reveals a black irony: the men apparently prayed before barrelling in to beat, strip and grope the women. "

And just who is policing the morals of this group? How is subjecting women to humiliation and violence moral? Is this just an attempt by certain elements to subjugate women to the point of servitude?

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