Friday, February 20, 2009

Harriet Harman

... or "Treachery Wears Heels"

From the Mail Online:
"Senior Labour figures have accused Miss Harman of 'sucking up' to trades unions and party members in readiness for a leadership race if the party loses the next election.

Ever since her election to Parliament in 1983, Harman has been ferociously ambitious. Principle has never meant anything to her - she has always matched her opinions to the prevailing mood of the party.

Harman was rarely interested in an initiative unless it would enhance her status. The effort she put into trying to win a seat in the Shadow Cabinet far outweighed the time she gave to mastering policy.

Her career path has always ebbed and flowed with the tide of the political mood. A typical inner-city radical when she entered the House of Commons in the Eighties, she transformed herself into an uber-moderate under Blair, causing outrage to the Labour Left by pushing for cuts in lone parenthood benefits.

Her semi-clandestine campaign for the leadership has been going on for months."

Link: Wikipedia on Harriet Harman

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