Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Women In Authority

Here's an amusing little blurb from "The Boy's Own Paper" entitled:

"As a creature of God, a woman is to be looked upon with reverence. For she was created to be around the man, to care for children and to bring them up in an honest and godly way, and to be subject to the man. Men, on the other hand, are commanded to govern and have the rule over women and the rest of the household. But if a woman forsakes her office and assumes authority over her husband, she is no longer doing her own work, for which she was created, but a work that comes from her own fault and from evil. For God did not create this sex for ruling, and therefore they never rule successfully."

Thoughts .....


Jules Frusher said...

Well, it started off well enough... I even stupidly hoped it might have been an elightened view for the age. *sighs*

Anonymous said...

Luther wasn't really known for his enlightened view of women, was he?

"Die größte Ehre, die das Weib hat, ist allzumal, dass die Männer durch sie geboren werden." = "The greatest honor woman has is that men are born of her." Or:

"Wer mag alle leichtfertigen und abergläubischen Dinge erzählen, welche die Weiber treiben. Es ist ihnen von der Mutter Eva angeboren, dass sie sich äffen und trügen lassen." = "Who can recount all of the silly and superstitious things that women do. It's a part of their nature, from Mother Eve on down, to let themselves be tricked and deceived." Sigh.
I stole those quotes second-hand off of a site that set up a make-believe interview with Luther (by Heike Strom):
Very nice blog! I love history, which I studied years ago here in Germany. Now it's a hobby I don't have much time for. So I'll be coming round from time to time :-) Anne