Monday, September 22, 2008

Child Marriages - Part III

From Dawn:

Jirga orders minor girl’s marriage to old man
"SUKKUR, Sept 19: A jirga held in Khanpur Mahar on Friday came up with the verdict that a seven-year-old girl be married to a 50-year old man to resolve a dispute related to karo-kari allegations.

However, the family of the girl has refused to accept the verdict on the ground that she is too young to be married at this age.

According to sources, the jirga was held in Khanpur Mahar to resolve a one-year old karo-kari dispute between Chakar Shar of Khanpur Mahar and Yasin Shar of Khuharo Village near Ghotki. The jirga, after hearing both the parties, came to the conclusion that Chakar Shar had illicit affair with Subhan Khatoon wife of Yasin Shar. It slapped a fine of Rs 40,000 on Chakar and ordered him to marry his cousin Birbul Shar’s seven-year-old daughter Guddi to Nadoo Shar, 50, who is father of Yasin Shar. Chakar does not have a girl child.

Chakar Shar refused to accept the verdict, saying that, Guddi Shar was only 7 years old and they would not giver her in marriage to Nado Shar who is 50 year old.

Later, talking to the local journalists, Yar Mohammad Shar, brother of Guddi Shar, termed the decision of jirga as atrocious and said that the elder, who presided over the jirga, was pressuring them to accept the verdict, but they would never accept it.

One year ago, Yasin Shar declared his wife Subhan Khatoon kari with Chakar Shar and sent her to her parents and since then both the groups were daggers drawn over the issue and on Friday a jirga was held to resolve the issue.

CLASH: Two people were killed and two others injured in an armed clash between Chachar and Ghoto communities, following kidnapping of a young girl by the armed persons from Ghotki on Thursday.

Zarina, daughter of Ghulam Rasool Chachar, was kidnapped by the armed persons and the Chachar community men blamed Subhan Ghoto, resident of village Panjoo Bagh, of kidnapping the girl and attacked their houses. In the meantime, the DPO of Ghotki along with a police party reached on the spot and recovered the girl and shifted her to a safer place."

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