Thursday, September 25, 2008

International Day of the Girl Child

How did you acknowledge this day on Wednesday??

Ms Meena Batra, Programme Director - Swabhiman said:
"We will continue our fight against all the odds present in the society which chases female from birth to death and do not allow them to grow in life."

CRY Website:
CRY (Child Rights and You) earlier known as Child Relief and You is India's leading advocate for child rights. Over the last three decades, CRY has partnered with NGOs, communities, government, the media and is dedicated to mobilize all sections of society to eliminate the root cause of deprivation, exclusion, exploitation and abuse.

"While highlighting known symbols of discrimination -- foeticide being the most prominent, the site explores the real reasons behind it, the social structures and patriarchy that perpetuate this. Celebrated as daughters, mothers and sisters, the girl is lost to these roles and the individual behind these roles takes a backseat.

CRY works to ensure all children their right to live, learn, play and develop their full potential. However, given the situation of the girl child, she is more vulnerable to violation of rights. At CRY, we believe the girl is a child first and that gender is merely descriptive. Yet statistics show that girls have not fared well so far, and this is not due to their lack of capability, but because people around incapacitate her.

Discrimination takes many forms - sex determination and foeticide even before birth to denial of education, nutrition, healthcare as the girl child is growing up to be a woman."

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