Monday, June 4, 2007

Jane Seymour

JANE SEYMOUR (c.1506 - 1537)
Third Queen of King Henry VIII of England.

Jane was the eldest daughter of Sir John Seymour. She was one of the ladies-in-waiting serving Queen Anne Boleyn at court.

Following the downfall and execution of Queen Anne Bolyen, Jane was betrothed to King Henry VIII of England (20 May 1536). Jane and henry were married ten days later (c.30 May 1536).

Jane's coronation as Queen of England was postponed due to the summer plagues that were prevalent in London.

Jane was aged 33yo when she found herself pregnant to Henry - their son, Edward was born (12/10/1537) at Hampton Court. Edward was baptized (14/10/1537) - and although both young princesses had been declared "bastards", Mary (21yo) and Elizabeth (4yo) were in attendance.

Jane fell ill (15/10/1537) - and she died within a fortnight. Her funeral was held at Windsor.

~~~ Melisende

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