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Fabiola (d.399AD)

Fabiola was a women from a Roman patrician family.

She converted to Christianity aged 20yo.

Fabiola divorced her first husband, who was said to have been abusive, remarried and was widowed.

Fabiola turned her immense energy and wealth to founding hospitals and raising the standards of nursing. Hers were by no means the first hospitals; however, they were unique in their time for being both public and giving general treatments. Fabiola's hospitals also practiced surgery as well as nursing.
Fabiola opened a Hospice for pilgrims at Porto with St. Pammachius.

Among Fabiola's associates were at least 15 other well-educated Roman women. Fabiola visited Jerome at Bethlehem (395), and gave her support to him in his controversy with Patriarch John of Jerusalem.

Following her death, Fabiola was canonised.

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