Sunday, May 26, 2019

Malawi Chief - Theresa Kachindamoto

Female chief comes to power, annuls 850 child marriages and sends girls back to school. Theresa Kachindamoto refuses to see young girls in the district she governs in Malawi robbed of their childhoods and a chance at an education. She's made it her mission to save them from the horrors of child marriage - and she doesn't mind ruffling some feathers to make sure her laws are enforced.

Kachindamoto never expected to become chief since she lived in a different town, had so many older siblings, and had 5 of her own children to care for. But her reputation as “good with people” led to her surprise election and her people told her she would have the job “whether I liked it or not”, she recalled.

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Victor said...

"Theresa Kachindamoto annuled 850 child marriages and sent the girls back to school.She refused to see them robbed of their childhood and a chance to an education.." What a milestone, thanks for unearthing her.

Garvon Orina said...

Theresa Kachindamoto is really fighting for and advocating girls' rights. In her eyes, all children are equal and there should be no discrimination against anyone. She's inked her name into the continent's history books and other leaders should follow suit.

Boke said...

Most women play roles in the development of their receptive societies but a few are appreciated. This piece is inspiring as well as uplifting to such women in our societies.