Saturday, October 8, 2016

The remains of Amelia Earhart may have been found on an island

Ric Gillespie of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) says that the fate of Amelia Earhart may be much more saddening than first thought. He believes she died as a castaway on a different Pacific island.
Four months into her trip around the world, Earhart began to run low on fuel while trying to find Howland Island. Both the engineer onboard and Amelia herself were last seen on radar on June 2.
It is unknown what actually happened to the pair, but Gillespie says that they did not die in a watery crash. He says that both Earhart and Noonan landed on an island called Nikumaroro, which is around 400 Miles southeast of Howland Island.
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woody peard said...

Amelia was last heard on radio, not seen on radar. Radar wasn't in it's practical use phase until WW2.

Woodyrogers1 said...

I would also add the Earhart and Noonan were country folk that as children, Lea re n a least the basic of woodcraft, so TIGHAR,assumi g that they would die as castaways on an island full of coconuts, fish in the lagoon and the alleged murderous coconut crabs-is a ludicrous theory. That and the lack of a signal fire, no SOS in the sand or spelled out with palm fronds on the beach, tells us that no one was stranded on the island during the time in enjoying chatting with our blogger. Woody Peard on Facebook or 8058784863. TIGHAR and I do have a history!