Saturday, October 15, 2016

Meritamun: The Face of Egyptian Beauty

From Ancient Origins:
The face of a young Egyptian woman who lived at least 2,000-years-ago has been reconstructed from a 3D print out of her skull. The forensic techniques employed revealed surprising facts about the beautiful woman, who has been named Meritamun, meaning beloved of the god Amun.
Researchers from the University of Melbourne in Australia, in collaboration with the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, used new technologies, including CT scanning, 3D printing and well known forensic facial reconstruction. Although, the mummy is incomplete, the remains stayed wrapped throughout the process.
The head of a mummy has spent more than 90 years in the basement, which belongs to the University of Melbourne. According to the researchers, she died as a young woman between the age 18 and 25. It was determined due to the width of her mouth and the positioning of her teeth, and her nose shape and size was determined by the width of the nasal aperture. The researchers also found out that she had quite large eyes. Other parts of the body were lost due to unknown reasons.


medina said...

wow...what a beauty she was and all praise to the science and technology who were able to retain it. also I like your blog. You have different articles and related to different subjects. Love it. Keep posting.

Medina said...

wow...what a beauty she was and also all praise to the science and technology who ware able to save it. also I love your blog. keep posting.