Saturday, July 23, 2011

Women - Culprits of Domestic Abuse

From AllAfrica:
Abuse of women and children is gradually taking the better half of the society, and even the world today. Everyday there are reports about women and children being victims of either assault, defilement, rape, sexual harassment at workplaces, child trafficking, and exposure of children to burdensome labour.

According to research, one out of every three women has been abused once in her life time - all assumed to be by men.

Men are always being pinpointed as mostly the culprits of abuse, especially, that of women. Indeed, many of the incidents of rape, incest, and spousal abuse are mostly done by men. Yet, it rarely clicks the mind of society and gender group organisations that women are also contributors to some of the daily traumas their fellow women and children go through. Women are considered the weaker vessels, as certainly, the male power overshadows them at almost every instance, even at the workplace.

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