Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ancient & Mordern Nubian Women

The land of Nubia extends from the first, as Aswan, to the fourth cataract, in the Nubian Desert. Nubia is divided into lower Nubia in Egypt and upper Nubia in Sudan.

Historically speaking Nubia’s strategic importance comes from the fact that it is the only continuously inhabited corridor between the Mediterranean and sub-Saharan Africa, which in many ways has shaped its history.

That Nubian history starts around 3100 B.C. similar to the Egyptian history; to keep track of Nubia’s history it is divided into Groups A, C and the Kerma culture.

History tells us Nubia enjoyed many episodes of political power under the kingdoms of Kerma, Napata as well as the Meriotic kingdoms. It is worth noting that the Golden Age of Nubia started after a decline in the Egyptianization of the Kush region-which lies to the south of Egypt and north of Sudan.

Nubian Kings and Queens came to power starting the 25th Dynasty and ruled the whole land of Egypt during a period known as the Napatan period (760-593 B.C.).

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