Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tower of London Mural

The Tower of London has allowed scientists to use eye-scanning software and infrared laser technology on a mystery Medieval wall painting which has baffled curators at the royal landmark.

A team led by Nottingham Trent University’s Dr Haida Liang used a portable Optical Coherence Tomographer, which allows them to see layers beneath the surface of paintings, and multispectral scanning – known as PRISMS – to investigate areas of the 14th century Byward Tower wall painting.



A traveller in time said...

I'd love to see the detail of this. It's reminds me of the illustrations of the medieval murals I saw in the British Museum - I think? they had been in the old Palace of Westminster but were destroyed in the 1800s. Nearly broke my heart thinking of things like that being destroyed.

Melisende said...

I cannot agree with your more. And I definetely think that these types of things should be on show to the public - that way their value can be appreciated.