Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gene Simmons Campaigns For Women's Health

From the Daily Telegraph:
All things considered, it seems a little odd that Kiss axeman Gene Simmons, whose family life is laid bare in the dubiously titled reality series Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, has suddenly positioned himself as a campaigner on women's health.

Simmons has been derided for saying he's been "happily unmarried" to actor Shannon Tweed for 24 years.

Tweed, he maintains, is the best friend he's ever had. And when she found a lump in her breast - since given the allclear - it threw the family, including Gene, son Nick and daughter Sophie, into a spin.

Simmons, who was in full Kiss make-up backstage at a gig when Shannon called to say she was having a biopsy, cancelled touring commitments and flew home to be by her side during the trauma.

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