Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jane Whorwood - The King's Smuggler

John Fox has written an extraordinary work on one of the most remarkable women of the English Civil War.

Few co-conspirators from Wartime were alive to notice Jane’s death. Poverty and isolation reduced her to childlike pleading with a king who either did not know, or preferred to forget that his father had once importuned her in a similar isolation. In the summer of her death the great and the good – the second Earl of Clarendon and Archbishop Sancroft – began to enquire about Jane’s and others’ role in Charles I’s final years. By then, Dugdale’s sources and memory were suspect or failing, most witnesses were dead, Jane was stilled and no one asked again for many years.

My Review of Jane Whorwood - King's Smuggler - a book you must add to your "TBR List" immediately!

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