Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Arab-American Women Cook Online

From the Saudi Gazette:
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Many Arab-American women hold reputations among family and friends as great chefs of Middle Eastern food. Building on their domestic culinary success, Arab-American women for decades have opened Middle Eastern restaurants that enhanced America’s gastronomic landscape.

Today, Arab-American women are taking their culinary knowledge to a new level. Using recipes passed down through generations, these women are influencing American kitchens through the Internet.

Exemplifying this trend are two Arab-American women with roots at opposite ends of the Mediterranean - Lebanon and Morocco. Denise Hazime of and Alia Al-Kasimi of Cooking with Alia are using cyberspace savvy to promote businesses that highlight the Middle East’s rich food heritage.

Whatever the reason for an interest in Middle Eastern cuisine, both women agree it is a thriving online market. Especially for Denise Hazime, who aspires to be known as the “Queen of Hummus.”

Co-founder of, Hazime has a formidable Internet presence. With the help of co-founder Crisantos Hajibrahim, videos from her Web site are posted on YouTube and her efforts are highlighted on Facebook among other sites.

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