Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tampon Ad "Most Hated"

I had a bit of a chuckle when I read that a tampon ad, here in Australia, topped the 2008 "most hated" list.

Women have been subjected to years and years of tampons ads - many of the earlier "works" not even made by women. But this ad, which I personally found quite humourous, has offended - wait for it - 185 people!

Here's a little snippet from the Daily Telegraph:
"A list released by the Advertising Standards Bureau found the hotly debated Kotex U tampon ad showing a woman going about daily activities with a beaver in tow was the most complained about ad in 2008."

So - how do you make a tampon ad that offends no-one, especially women. Then again, what about all those ads for panty liners, and incontinence pads / pants (always directed at older women) - I mean, lets be reasonable.

I'd like to see the creative boffins come up with an ad for male "personal hygiene" products - and lets see how many double entendre's they come up with then. It would probably star Sid James and Hattie Jacques, and feature the lines "oh nurse....."

Think I'll file this one in the top draw with my knickers ..... and assorted feminine hygiene products ...


Pam Walter said...

It is in rather poor taste, but then how necessary are ads for feminine hygiene anyway?

Anonymous said...

Oh get over it! It's funny! People are too soft and complain too much.