Friday, January 16, 2009

Margaret Thatcher

The following is an article on Lady Margaret Thatcher, former-Prime Minister of Britain, who still today, is a much castigated figure, despite many calling her one of Britain's greatest leaders since Winston Churchill.

"She was the first woman to achieve that office. She had done so largely because of the excellent education she had received, which was crowned by a science degree.

Her tutors at Somerville College recognised that in those days the daughter of a grocer in Grantham did not get to Oxford without outstanding intelligence and a great deal of grit.

But when Margaret returned to her old college to receive an Honorary Fellowship, these same hateful old Left-wing tutors would not even consent to meet her.

Margaret Thatcher took over from him as Prime Minister to find a Britain in 1979 on the verge of bankruptcy. Britain was a by-word throughout the world for sloppy standards, economic chaos and appalling labour relations. We counted for nothing in diplomatic and international affairs.

But within a very few years, Margaret Thatcher turned that around. She brought in trades union legislation which no man would have dared to enact. She was prepared, moreover, to fight for it - and in effect waged a war against Arthur Scargill's communistic tactics.

When the Falkland Islands were invaded by a fascist dictator from Argentina, Margaret Thatcher amazed the world by having the courage to send a task force of British ships and soldiers to fight. They would never have won without her personal courage. "

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BBC History - Margaret Thatcher

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