Friday, July 25, 2008

Women in the Safavid era

I would love to share an article with you all entitled "Women in the Safavid era" from the Iran Chamber Society.

The article is based upon a work entitled" Women in Safavid (1501 - 1732) Iran: The Evidence of European Travelers" by Ronald W Ferrier.

Briefly the work describes the perceptions of European travelers to the Safavid court at Esfahan - and carefully notes that these people would only have come into contact with those in the upper levels of society.

It goes further to discuss marriage and divorce, women's roles in society as both wives and patrons of the arts. It concluded by listing a number of prominent women of the time.

Not being at all familiar with this period of history - I found the article of great interest. So much so that I am very inclined to seek out more about this period in Iran's history and discover more myself.

Link: Safavid Empire
Link: Esfahan

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