Sunday, July 6, 2008

India's "lack" of girls

A recent study has noted the decline in the number of girls being born AND surviving in India. If this trend continues, there will be - in the not too distant future - a distinct lack of girls available for the ever growing male population. This will most likely manifest itself in the lack of available brides and a decline in population. Naturally, this would enhance the "value" placed upon girls - but would it necessarily ease the burden of the provision of a dowry that accompanies many marriages. With the possibility of a decrease in the number of brides available - maybe it will be the turn of the groom to provide a suitable inducement.

But what of the future for India's population on a whole - how will the decreasing level of girls impact upon the future of India. As I see it, this will seriously impact on the growth of India's population - it will stagnate and then seriously decline - a point from which there may be no turning back.

This subject has become one of great interest in the media in recent times:

From the BBC News:
"A report by the UK charity says increasing numbers of female foetuses were being aborted and baby girls deliberately neglected and left to die. In one site in the Punjab state, there are just 300 girls to every 1,000 boys among higher caste families, it says.

The document says that Indian woman are put under intense pressure to produce sons, in a culture that predominantly views girls as a burden rather than an asset. It says many families now use ultrasound scans and abort female foetuses, despite the existence of the 1994 law banning gender selection and selective abortion. Some 10 million female foetuses have been aborted in India in the past 20 years, the British medical journal the Lancet has said."

From VOA News:
"The report "Disappearing Daughters" has been conducted by ActionAid and Canada's International Development Research Center.

It says in three of five states surveyed, the number of girls had declined to less than 800 for every 1000 boys compared to the nationwide average of 950 girls. The report says the decline is happening in both rural and prosperous urban areas, showing that the preference for sons cut across economic and social classes.

The "Disappearing Daughters" report has called on the government to ensure tougher enforcement of laws to check the practice of aborting female fetuses. But it says that in the long term, cultural attitudes need to change."

From Yahoo News:
" The report called on the Indian government for tougher enforcement of laws banning pre-natal sex detection and sex-selective abortion, describing their efforts to implement the legisation so far as "woefully inadequate".

Attitudes towards girls as financial burdens for families because of dowry pressures also need to be challenged, while the quality of and access to public health care and state-run schools had to improved, it added.

The report said neglect in poorer areas with less access to public health facilities affected survival rates, but declining ratios in better-served urban areas was down to parental choices about the number and sex of offspring.

Birth order also affected girls' survival rates: all survey sites showed a decline in the number of girls among second-born children; in three sites there were fewer than 750 girls for every 1,000 boys."

The plight of girls in India is steadily reaching crisis point - and something needs to be done soon to address this issue - before it is too late.

Here's something to think about in the meantime - its an ancient Chinese "Song" - but highly relevant:

“When a son is born,
Let him sleep on the bed,
Clothe him with fine clothes,
And give him jade to play...
When a daughter is born,
Let her sleep on the ground,
Wrap her in common wrappings,
And give broken tiles to play...”

18 comments: said...

Girls are less in India as comapred to the boys, because of the lies that the world is made to believe.

Feminists in India have made everyone believe that girls are a burden.

While, in reality girls have all the rights in my country. Men are the one who suffer:

1. Men contribute 83% of the taxes, and still there is no ministry for men's welfare.

2. Married women can sleep around according to the law - yes, its only married men who are termed criminals if they indulge into extra-marital affairs.

3. Women can send the husband and his whole family to jail just by a mere complaint (no proof required). Last year, more than 200,000 innocent people were sent to jail like this.

The list goes on....

Buzz said...

hmm....what does the statistics of UK show of boy to girl ration? How about the number of abortions in UK? Yes, India is a bigger counrty with population a couple of times more than UK's! So definitly figures would be more, so is the number of deaths. Why do you not compare the numbers of deaths of men in UK with India? Compare the no of male school drop outs in UK to India? Compare the no of men absorbed into crime or victims of crimes or even terrorist activties or suicides?

In urban India more abortions are done at the beck of the mother and the women organisations claim all of them to be female fotus irrespective of it being a male or female - there is no official records ├žause its all disposed off immideatly (abortions in India are still illegal) unless the only way for a record would be to have a sex detection test done (which to is a criminal offence in India)- then why are the doctors and parents not immideatly charges and penalised? The so called fantic feminsts in India do not have the gutts for it. Again most of the dowry related incidents are due to the woman's parents and not the guys & the guys parents - cause they are fished into the net by the woman's parents by showing them illogical wealth - this again is not considered by the fanatic feminism in India.

Do these Fanatics have figures and datas to support their claims? They rely on some god damn figures again cooked up by some foreign organisation who has never even stepped into India - and they creat is happily sitting in a foreign soil based on some fairy tales made by these Fanatic Cells (in the similar lines of Terrorist Cells) operating in the name of NGOs so that they can swindle money of the Govt in the name of welfare funds that is used to fill their own pockets.

Yes I call Feminists in India FANATICs - 'cause like the terrorists they do a lot of wrong in the society and then hide behind the CAUSE!! So thye are nothing less than social terrorists who encourage and instigate a lot of illitrate parent to abort due to the fear spread by these fanatic feminist terrorists of the vulnerability of their girl child's future, break a lot of families due to their vengence cause they never had families (husbands and kids), ruin a million women's lives and increase the number of Legal Bastards (Fatherless Children)!!

-- Now do you understand how and why the number of Legal Bastards increased in the West and how those countries economy went bang - thankx to the encouragement of Terrorist operations there!!

So as long as any one sponsers, be a sympathiser, supporter, participator, encourager, instigator or even a writer - he / she is also a Terrorist. Terrorism in any form is it even Feminism - they are all FANATICS!!

Buzz said...

These Days the say goes - "When a son is born start saving money so that by the time he is 18 the family can apply for Bails for their son and themselves"

Melisende said...

If you have statistics or a study to disprove the UK study "Disappearing Daughters" please post a link to it so that all might view it.

If, however, you only intend to name call - then your comments will be removed. Calling "feminists" who support "pro-choice" fanatics and terrorists does not give weight to any arguement you may present.

As I said - if you can refer to a study that proves evidence to the contrary - please post - otherwise ... whilst you are entitled to your opinion, please keep a modicum of decorum.

Anonymous said...

just sreach for 498a in google and you will find out what is happening in about girls

Anonymous said...

In the US the law covers sexual, mental, physical, emotional abuse. In
India they have included verbal abuse in the law. It is a mistake. Verbal
abuse is not measurable. Also the provision that 'the decision can be
arrived at the sole testimony of the woman' is completely wrong. Every
person should have a right to defend himself. It's a basic human right!

Scrap the draconian Law and stop Leagal terrorism.


Buzz said...

Can you prove that report right?

Dare you write anything that defames India & Indians!! - without valid proofs!!

Go ahead and compare in terms of the no v/s the total population to arrive at the %age you will find UK's %age is far higher than India, in nos we may be larger thats due to the large size of our population and illiteracy prevailing - but we do not talk ill about another country or thier citizens. And this is not the fact with just UK any of the developed countries each of them is %age wise higher than in India but in numbers India woudl be highest since we got free press, probably there is one more country that may have higher but the press is not free and there is no freedom to expression.

And I would call anyone a Fanatic who blindly stands by a theory even if its wrong and cannot even stand critisism.

The very way of your feedback proves that you too are part of the Fanatism!! - eqt to Terrorism eh?? Someone tells you are wrong you talk of nothing less than termination - are you not imitating the Jihadis in the Middle East??

Yea talking of Middle East why do you not write about how they mistreat women? - no guts?

Yeah we too got a lot of assumptions about the Britishers but we do not publicly bad mouth - so what gives you the right to bad mouth Indians?

I guess you know that you have written a very sensitive topic that concerns a whole Nation.

Weather you delete or not I do not care cause I am backing up the entire and is being hosted on to another site for proofs.

We are no longer the same country that Britishers left over 60years ago. And the only people who have the right to speak on such topics is an Indian currently living in India and has been living in India for the last over 25-30 continous years.

And any foreigner who talks against my Country or my fellow Citizens especially in the name of a cause be it even feminism - I would call them Racist, a Fanatic and a Terrorist.

I guess you owe an apology and explanation!!

Buzz said...

Sex ratio at birth in India : 1.12 male(s)/female

Sex Ratio at birth in the UK: 1.05 male(s)/female

Sex Ratio at birth in France: 1.05 male(s)/female

Sex Ration at birth in Germany: 1.06 male(s)/female

The above are the official figures! How is it that even in countries like UK, France & Germany that more Males are born than Females? There definitly are foticides taking place there too. Why are there no reports of those foticides of those countries?

Anonymous said...


I read your comment and threatning the person who posted the comment. Is not it-self is a terrorism? You want to delete the person's comment as it does not support your view. As far as the fact and reports are concerned there are tons of material in the print/electronic/Internet media plus the Govt its own data. It is very true that due to false propaganda of feminists (Read Who Stole Feminism?: How Women Have Betrayed Women by Hoff-Sommers), US family structure has been destroyed. An esteemtaed 1 million false domestic violence cases are filed against men in USA every year. This has caused fear in men for marriage and there is no trust between men and women. The love has gone and only three letter word exists in the name of relationship.

Following is the USA official Census data (
Percent of population-- 2000 2002 2003 2004 2005
11 Male 49.1 49.1 49.2 49.2 49.3
11 Female 50.9 50.9 50.8 50.8 50.7
Do you think then the American citizens are in boy foeticides? The truth is that the feminists have blown up little fact out-of-proportion to gain sympathy in the name of weaker section. But that has done more wrong than good even for women. They do not go into detail to understand the problems. They just look for some opportunities to get benifitted from the situations. They do not represent masses and do not represent the ideologies of the women whom they claim to fight for. They are just sel-fish sadists (present day feminists).

Hope you do more research before bringing out any un-substantiate report.

Melisende said...

Dear Posters

YOU accuse me of defaming India and Indians - I dod not. YOU anonymous accuse me of threatening the previous poster - I did not.

All I have asked - ON MY BLOG - is to cut out the name calling and to post an equivalent report that backs up your statements.

YOU accuse me of providing an un-substantiated report - I didn't write it - I brought it out in the open.

I challenge you - in a respectful manner - and hope to get a respectful response - to provide a link to a credited report that disproves the findings of the UK charity report "Disappearing Daughters".

As previously mentioned, should you continue to accuse me of terrorism as my views do not obviously agree with yours, all future comments will be removed.

Please confine your comments to providing proofs against the report "Disappearing Daughters" or provide proofs to the contrary.

Alternateively, please don't bother posting insults and name calling - it does not add any credence to your own arguements but diminishes the counter-arguements that i think you are trying to put across.

Respect my view and my Blog and these will be reciprocated.

Melisende said...

Dear ALL

All comments are now being moderated prior to appearing.

Buzz said...


Let me clarify - I respect your Blog, You and your work, and do sincerely appriciate your work and referals. But its your this particular view and the manner its put is what hurts sentiments and lives of many. Why have we not touched your other articles?

In the case you really are interested in doing a study and knowing the truth and the facts we could discuss on personal mails than your blogs. That is if you are interested.

You would then realise the reason of the flare up!

Melisende said...


I understand that a report written about India by a group from another country - in this instance the UK - can, as has been suggested, provide only one view which may be interpreted incorrectly.

Which is why I do welcome opposing views - when they are presented in a non-antagonistic manner.

If this report which was written by the UK charity is wrong, I would welcome - and post a link - to any other source or report that disputes the findings.

Currently I am working my way through a UN report on the status of girls worldwide - in India, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, South America, USA & UK. It is a very lengthy document and I hope to post a review of it very soon. Maybe the findings of this UN report will provide more enlightening on the status of girls in today's world.

~ Melisende

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