Saturday, February 10, 2018

Yet Another Far-Traveling Bronze Age Teenage Girl is Discovered in Denmark

It must have been an exciting trip all those millennia ago when a 16- to 18-year-old girl traveled from elsewhere in Europe to Jutland in Denmark, only to die not long after. The tall teen was given an elite burial, and her remains were preserved somewhat by an oak coffin and burial mound. Researchers are studying the Skrydstrup Woman to determine exactly where in Europe she came from. Possibilities include Germany, the Czech Republic, France, or Sweden.

She is not the only far traveler to be found in Jutland, an area that shows evidence of Bronze Age wealth for its residents. The Egtved Girl, who also died around age 16 to 18, also came from far away, analysis of the amount of strontium in her bones and teeth has shown.

The stories of the two women do diverge somewhat. While the Skydstrup Woman made just one long journey and then stayed there in Jutland, the Egtved Girl apparently traveled a lot and was in Egtved only a few months before she died. She was buried with two men nearby, a further indication of her high status.

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