Saturday, August 13, 2016

Search for Stirling's lost Iron Age roundhouse

Search for Stirling's lost Iron Age roundhouse - BBC News
An archaeologist whose research was ignored because she was a woman is being honoured in a new project set up to rediscover one of her key finds.
Christian Maclagan investigated the remains of an Iron Age roundhouse in her home town of Stirling in the 1870s.  Attitudes towards women at the time meant her academic paper on the broch structure was only accepted after it was transcribed by a man.
A small team of enthusiasts plan to search for the 2,000-year-old house  They have dubbed their project as a search for "the broch sexism lost".
Since Maclagan's discovery of the Livilands broch the site is thought to have been buried during the landscaping of a garden in Wester Livilands in Stirling. There is also an Easter Livilands in Stirling, but the other location is thought to be the most likely site of the lost ruins.

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