Sunday, June 12, 2016

Is this Eleanor, the Secret Queen?

She is regarded by some as the secret queen who helped put Richard III on the throne and – inadvertently, at least – sealed the fate of the princes in the tower.
Now, new research aims to help determine whether remains discovered in Norwich are of Lady Eleanor Talbot.
Lady Eleanor played a pivotal role in the Wars of the Roses during the fifteenth century, when her alleged marriage to Edward IV led to his children – the princes in the tower – being declared illegitimate after his death, in 1483.
That saw the crown pass 
to Edward’s brother, Richard III, during whose reign the boys disappeared.
Tomorrow, historian John Ashdown-Hill will unveil a facial reconstruction based on remains excavated at Whitefriars in 1958.  He is hoping that it will help to better establish whether they belonged to Lady Eleanor.

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