Monday, February 18, 2013

Update: Amber Toppah

I would like to add an update to my September blog on Amber Toppah.  The image used was not correct.  As such I have updated the post with the correct image (to the right ->>).  

My humble apologies to Amber who altered me to the error.

Please revisit: First Female Kiowa Leader again.

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FRTH said...

With February being Black History month I just want to make mention of some of the black women who help sharp this great nation of ours…..

Maya Angelou a singer, actress, activist, and writer.
Josephine Baker during World War II worked with the Red Cross, gathered intelligence for the French Resistance and entertained troops in Africa and the Middle East.
Marian Anderson an African American singer, Marian Anderson found more success and fame in Europe than America until in 1939 the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) refused to allow her to sing in their Constitution Hall in Washington, DC. In part because of the public attention brought by this incident, Marian Anderson became one of the best-known African American women of the 20th century.