Sunday, June 3, 2012

Child Marriage In India

From Gulf News:

Child marriage, known as ‘Bal Vivaha’, is believed to have begun during the medieval ages of India. Later child marriage became a widespread cultural practice with various reasons to justify it, and many marriages were performed while the girl was still an infant.
After independence, the feudalistic character of the Indian society coupled with caste system gave a major boost to incidences of child marriage, particularly in the rural areas.
“Castes, which are based on birth and heredity, do not allow two people to marry if they are from different castes. This system was threatened by young people’s emotions and desires to marry outside their caste, so out of necessity child marriage was created to ensure the caste system continued. Also parents of a child entering into a child marriage are often poor and use marriage as a way to make their daughter’s future better, especially in areas with little economic opportunities.
“During times of war, parents will often marry off their young child to protect her from the conflicts raging around her. Some families still use child marriage to build alliances, as they did during the medieval ages,” Nirmal Kaur, Delhi-based child rights activist, told Gulf News.
“Statistically, a girl in a child marriage has less of a chance to go to school, and parents think education will undermine her ability to be a traditional wife and mother. Virginity is an important part of Indian culture, and parents want to ensure their daughters do not have pre-marital sex, and child marriage is an easy way to fix this,” Kaur said.


Melisende said...

Just watched a documentary on ABC2 Australia - "The Truth About Child Brides" - which supported the fact that despite being illegal, this is still practised in many rural areas.

apprehensive said...
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Somnath Singh said...

These types of marriage are practiced earlier Brahma Marriage, Daiva Marriage, Arsha Marriage, Gandharva Marriage, Asura Marriage, Rakshasa Marriage, Paishacha Marriage. There is no sign of Child Marraige.According to Vedas age of Marriage is 25 for Boy and Girl 18 and above.

The Child marriage was the Result of Islamic Invasion which were involved in Women Abduction , Slavery , Rapes (Harem They say).. TO save honor they were married earlier..