Friday, March 18, 2011

Haneen Zoab: Palestinian Voice In Israel

From Xinhuanet:

"Every woman can be a woman of frustration. I'm not optimistic. I'm not pessimistic. I'm just struggling," said Haneen Zoabi, a Palestinian female legislator in the Israeli parliament, Knesset.

Zoabi has made a history in Israel as the first woman to be elected in the Knesset on an Arab Party's list. At her 41, she has been representing the Arab National Democratic Party in the parliament since 2009.

Sitting in her office in Nazareth, viewed by the Palestinian Arabs in Israel as their effective capital, Zoabi argues in an interview with Xinhua that her real task is to advance the cause of ending Israel's occupation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, a cause for both Palestinian men and women.


June Harris said...

great to be reading about this! Thanks for sharing.

Manipal King said...

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Anonymous said...

I want to send a message to the Palestinian Lady who is a member of the Knesset in Israel.

Am I in the right place ?

Thank you

Dennis Cook