Sunday, June 6, 2010

Muslim Women in Kanodar

From the Times of India:
When Aalmin Mansuri of Kanodar village stood fifth in Banaskantha district, it did not come as a surprise for this 13,000-strong village on Ahmedabad-Delhi Highway, about 140 km from Ahmedabad. Aalmin is an example of the progressive outlook of the Shia Muslim community of the village, which comprises 90 per cent of the population. She scored 93.69 per cent marks.

There may be myths attached to women of this community across the country, but things are different in Kanodar. The women are considered equal to men in every respect. And, the village is close to achieving cent per cent literacy.

"Girls' education is the top priority in the village. If a girl is educated a generation is educated," said Banglawala. "We have been awarding cash prize of Rs 500 and a citation to the girl who tops in class XII in the village," she said.

"Our women are teachers, nurses, entrepreneurs and doctors," she said, adding that "My daughter was a medical student but after her marriage she settled in Canada," Banglawala said.

"Over 600 women in our village are earning members of the house," she said.

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