Friday, May 7, 2010

Norway: Best For Mums

From USA Today:
Which country is best for mothers and their children? Norway, according to an annual report by Save the Children. And the United States? Way down the list at No. 28, below Estonia, Latvia and Croatia.

In compiling its 11th Mothers' Index, the charity analyzed factors that affect the health and well-being of women and children, including access to health care, education and economic opportunities. That's why Norway came out on top: Women are well paid, have easy access to contraception and are entitled to generous government-mandated maternity leave.

Following Norway in the top 10 are Australia, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Afghanistan sits at the bottom, behind Niger, Chad, Guinea-Bissau, Yemen, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Sudan, Eritrea and Equatorial Guinea.

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