Sunday, October 12, 2008

Romancing the Queen

Where do you go when you want to woo your Queen - why, to the "Glory of England" of course.

The "Glory of England" was created by Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester at a time when he hoped to persuade Elizabeth I to marry him. ".. the garden was designed with romance in mind and includes a bejewelled aviary, and 18-foot-high fountain carved from dazzling Carrara marble as well as flowers, fruits and trees.

The lost, one-acre garden, which was discovered during excavation work at the Castle, will present the most complete picture of an Elizabethan courtly garden anywhere in the world."

According to John Watkins, English Heritage's Head of Gardens and Landscape: "The 16th century garden was highly sensual. Perfume was an essential part of the garden experience and the clove-scented carnation was an important high status plant, crucial in the heady summer cocktail of strawberries, roses, stocks, peonies and pinks."

Plans are now underway to re-create this Elizabethan pleasure-spot - however, public help is needed in tracking down varieties of carnation that would have been available in the 16th Century.

"400 years ago the carnation was considered one of the most beautiful flowers around. It is hoped they will provide the finishing touches to the garden at Kenilworth Castle, Warwicks, where the Queen was romanced by Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester."

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Bearded Lady said...

This is really interesting. great post. I am going to make a wild guess and say that the carnations were not of the pink variety.